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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 12, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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balanced diet. thank you for watching. each your vegetables everybody. "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >>shepard: thank you, martha. the news begins anew, in "studio b" in box one, the powerful half where of the afghanistan president karzai is dead. a trusted friend and bodyguard pulled the trigger. today, details on the deadly betrayal that could benefit the taliban. in box two, two planes collide. the two planes land. and everybody lives to talk about it. the extremely unusual survival story is ahead. and in box three, a man falls nearly from the stand here at this field during the home run derby. at least his friends have good hands. that is ahead unless breaking
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news changes everything. in "studio b" but, first, from fox at high noon, chase field in phoenix, arizona, in five hours the best players in all of baseball step on to the field and catch the big game. on the local fox station, after the fox report, tonight, on this channel, and before then we will talk about major league baseball and the predictions and highlights from the home run derby. what do you know, robbie put on a clinic with help from his old man, and that is coming up in a few minutes in "studio b" today. but, first from fox at 12:00 in phoenix and 3:00 on the east coast the investigators of the casey anthony murder trial speaking of the case and for the first te since last week's not guilty verdict. casey anthony is due to walk out of the facility on sunday in orange county. a jury found her not guilty of
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killing her 2-year-old daughter but today a detective who testified over and over and over again during the trial and was one of the first to respond when caylee "went missing," is stunned by all of her lies. >> i am still surprised she did not come off and she would not tell us the truth. that is all we were after if we knew the truth. >>shepard: the detective said that while he was surprised by the verdict, he said he still has faith in our legal system. and now to phil keating our south florida based correspondent. the quality of this investigation has come under fire, phil, since the verdict. the seven or lack of a search of the woods where the bones were found. phil: yes, all juror whose is gone public have all said that the lack of a definitive cause of death prevented them from convicting casey anthony of first-degree murder and we had
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the state attorney saying after the verdict was announced, what really hurt their case, and their failure to get the conviction of casey anthony was the fact that her bones were circle -- skeletons by the time they were discovered so d.n.a. evidence was lost. and roy chronic the meter reader three times told the investigators to search the woods a five minute walk from the home and what could have been a skull might have been in the woods, and they were never found, and, asked about this today, well, the investigators say we don't know what we would have found if they were involved in august. the deputy that met kronk who blew off kronk and did not thoroughly search the woods he was terminated from the sheriff and the sheriff says we feel like we did have some accountability for that but, overall, despite the woods not being fine tooth combed search
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they stand by their investigation and the quality of it. >>shepard: do we have a sense how much the nanny story was? fill the sheriff and lead detective say absolutely it caused an impact and there were 4,000 tips they followed up, but, they spent a lot of time, a lot of man power searching for the nanny. that took their focus away from looking for where caylee's remains might have been found. but, as for casey anthony's demeanor she was asked about her reaction during the first interview with detectives where she was given the opportunity to define herself, lock, are you a callous monster or was this an accident. >> it is so amazing how she reacted or didn't react at the interview. no question about it, you have heard the interview, and the times i could tell was frustrated that she was in the being honest or completely
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honest with us. the example of a monster. phil: that is something that the detective admitted he was taught in training on how to do a good interrogation especially when it comes to a mother of a child who is missing who may be dead. and he says, you know, she did not take the opportunity then or ever at least until the trial started over three years later to admit it was just simply an accident. >>shepard: i wanted with great interview the interview with the jury foreman and i thought the news of the entire interview or some of the news, but i thought the big news was that the jury was suspicious of george anthony, the grandfather, casey's father in this case. no evidence of any kind, not a stitch, that he did anything but they were "suspicious." what do they make of that down there? phil: they assessed that based
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on his behavior on the stand where he would be forgetful and memory lapse when it came to questions posed by baez seemingly had a memory problem, but, then, seemed to know exactly the answer that the prosecutors were looking for when they were asking questions on the stand so the impression the jury had of george anthony although there was never any evidence presented that, number one, he was there at the house on the day that caylee was found accidentally drowned in the backyard swimming pool; or, (b), tried to cough it up, but they felt like all of this testimony specifically, for example, the duct tape on the gas can was wishy washes and they didn't know what to believe. the jury thought he was not a good witness for the state. >>shepard: suspicious of the grandfather yet the mother never reported the child missing, added a tattoo, partied all night. stunning. stunning. thank you from south florida,
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phil. if you are in to the debt crisis story, one thing you should know to the core of it all, the politicians on both sides of playing this for the 2012 election and they are not playing it for picturing our debt. that's a plain and simple fact. president obama warning if congress cannot reach a deal he cannot guarantee that social security checks will go out to retirees starting august 3rd, in other words, old people, be afraid. the people telling cbs that other checks would also be in jeopardy. listen to this. >> this is not just a matter of social security, but veterans checks, these are folks on disability, and their checks. there are 70 million checks that go out. >>shepard: there are 70's million checks that go out. anyone that thinks they won't go out? the remarks come after the republicans played politics with this. the minority leader mcconnell said that a solution on the debt ceiling is "probably
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unattainable." of course it is if nobody will compromise and you all play politics. and now wendell is at the white house. stunning the degree to which they put us through this. it sounds like it will be hot in the cabinet room with president and leaders of congress later this afternoon. >>guest: as hot as it is out here. democrats and republicans turning up the heat on each other and the president westerning of the consequences of not reaching a deficit reduction agreement, and the republicans saying it is his problem and is incapable of dealing with spending. and as you point out, up to 70 million checks could be affected. >> can you grant the checks will go out august 3rd. >> i cannot guarantee that if we are not resolved the issue because there may not be the money in the coffers. >> the president's spokesman
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said the government would be left with a sophie's choice of which bills to pay putting china head of grand ma. >>shepard: and a new plan offered to raise the debt ceiling in stages. what they want is to carry this over to 2012. >>guest: they want the theater. this forces the president to formally request an increase three times over the next year and a half in august under rules that guarantee he could veto the congress if they refused to go along which they would presumably. the president says funding the government a few months at a time is in is not an option but each vote means fresh republican attacks like those he places now. >> here is the president's plan, when will he lay his cards on the table? this debt limit increase is his problem, and i think it is time for him to leave by putting his
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plan on the table something that the congress can pass. >>reporter: both sides say letting the government default is not an option but the fear of that is the only pressure they can use against each other. >>shepard: fear is the operative word. and the word of washington lately. thank you, when telling, -- wendell. 9.2 percent jobless rate. look at this over here. do they have you? check out special report with bret baier tonight for more on the debt talks and his guest tonight, is the speaker of the house, john boehner, will be here for more politicking. hear more of what he had to say at 6:00 eastern on special report. debt ceiling. don't look over here. because all the people who are unemployed are over here and we are not fixing this. stunning development in the war in afghanistan. did you hear? remember the guy, the half brother of president karzai? our good friend, karzai in
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afghanistan who is doing such a good job? his brother is the biggest poppy dealer and heroin deal in all the world. someone shot and killed him. and you think we had trouble before today? a trusted advisor knocked him dead. and away we go again in the wicked war in afghanistan. he was, no question, one of the most powerful men in all of afghanistan. when you have the money that comes from the dugs you -- drugs you are powerful and one of the most shady men. and most claim he was the biggest drug dealer in that country and potentially one of the biggest drug dealers in all the world and now he is dead. dead. he was involved in afghanistan's corruption, the money that has been stolen? forget it. he was reportedly on the payroll of the central intelligence agency, as well. isn't that comfortable? regardless the death probably
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would not come as a worse time. he controlled much of southern afghanistan. he was not elected but he was in charge. that's the backyard of the taliban. his death could, according to the washington insiders, create a power vacuum when the pentagon has begun to attempt to withdraw u.s. troops. our chief fox correspondent is back at home base in new york. what's the reaction? >>jonathan: the united states reaction has been interesting. a real read between the leaps kind of reaction. listen carefully now to white house press spokesman carney. >> our prayers and sympathies are with the karzai family during this difficult time. the united states condemns in the strongest possible terms the murder of president karzai's half brother. >>jonathan: a condemnation of the violent act but not a single word from the white house or from general petraeus pay be
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tribute to walid karzai. he may have been useful at times if the c.i.a. but each person in the administration knows that he was a lightning rod and an emblem of the corruption of the afghanistan government. >>shepard: part of the problem certainly not a solution. how will this affect afghanistan going forward? is there an assessment of that? >>jonathan: it depends largely on who or what replaces him. his murder has been claimed by the taliban. if they move into the area of southern afghanistan that was his power base, that is worrying for the united states. if, on the other hand, somebody similar to him moves in, saying as he said to us just last year, he is willing to work with the united states, that might be slightly better. listen to him talk to fox news last year. >> that has been in the past. now is a new going. we are work together. >>jonathan: those were just words.
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he talked about wanting to work with the united states. he might have done good for the c.i.a. but his corruption ruined the reputation of the afghanistan government and did nothing for the reputation of the karzai family, as a whole. so, reading between the lines, u.s. officials are probably breathing a sigh of relief. >>shepard: probably. thank you, jonathan. so what does it mean? stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and 17 minutes part the hour in "studio b." the organizers of the all-star game here at chase field in the valley of the sun remembering the terrible mass shooting at a political event last january. you will remember a gunman shot 19 people, six died, and congresswoman giffords suffered a terrible head wound. a man with quick thenning is
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credited with saving her life and he will throw out the first pitch tonight at the all-star game. and members of christina taylor-green, born on september 11th, and court of the los angeles scout green and former of a yankees manager, dallas green and now gabrielle giffordss intern who hired hernandez to work for her less than a week before the attack and is with us at chase field. a man credited with saving a life. how is your life? >> it has been hectic and busy because of what happened and i have had a lot of opportunities i never would have had before to speak to, especially young people about the response of getting involved and getting an education. i'm very busy but loving every second of being able to talk about things that are important to me. >>shepard: everybody was impressed with your poise and i
3:19 pm
know you get tired of hearing about it but it set a good example for young people. we can all give a speech and i talk about ten seconds from now, if you are ready, and you are mentally stable, ten seconds from now you could be able to save a live. or stop a tragedy. or save a friend. and you were in that position. how much does that realization change your perspective? >>guest: you have a different world outlook when you realize that in ten seconds you can make a difference. and as we saw it was less than 30, where 19 were injured in tuscon. it was rewarding to work with the american red cross in march to have something called stabilize saturday where we train thousands around the country in basic first aid and cpr and speak to groups including upward bound for low income students and talk about becoming nurses and doctors who
3:20 pm
can make a difference. >>shepard: tonight, how is your fast ball? >>guest: i got a chance to work with a staffer in the parking lot of the congressional office and i hope there is in trees, hopefully, no bouncing. >>shepard: christina taylor-green's family, how much interaction has there been among those whose lives were changed by that? do you know her family? >>guest: i have met with them several times and it is great to see john and dallas, particularly, her where, and it will be great to get a chance to see them because i have not had much time to interact with them because they have had the most trying times with having a nine-year-old pass away, but, they have dealt with the situation with such poise and it is great to see them and to touch base with them. >>shepard: kind of nice to have your home state on a big stage that is all positive, and people coming to phoenix in july is a weird thing, but it is nice
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in air conditioning and the wheel world will want, that is nice. >>guest: it's great because we get did show how great arizona and tucson and phoenix are so people can decide to come back and maybe in august, when it starts to cool down a little bit. >>shepard: or february is better. well, 11 degrees warmer today than the wind chill in memphis, so there are worse places to be. daniel hernandez great to see you. >>guest: great to see you again. >>shepard: stay tuned. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: and this was one of the rarest events that happened in alaska. two small planes collided in midair but nobody got hurt.
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the pilots did not see each other as the planes traveled in opposite directions. so, away it went. this is lake clark pass in alaska. and david lee, how is it possible they did not see each other? >>reporter: a couple of reasons. neither aircraft was using radar. both used visual flight rules and the two aircraft were flying through a very narrow canyon and when you are told an oncoming aircraft is in the distance coming dead on could look like a motionless specific. and now a look at a reconstruction of what authorities believe happened. the plane with nine on board and the other had four people on board at a slightly higher altitude and the cessna hit the tail of the piper and the owner of the piper said the passengers on board and the pilot after the impact had no idea what had
3:26 pm
happened. >> they did not see it, they did not feel anything that was horribly out of the ordinary so they thought they hit a bird and they get out of the plane and they understood the miracle. they saw what the damage was. >>reporter: the damage was very minor, and the pilots were able to safely land. both of the aircraft. and to underscore what an oddity is, each year there are about an average of 30 midair collisions in the united states, and an average of 75 people a year lose their likes in midair collisions and the ntsb said today that it is highly unlikely that anything like this could happen again. they say when this is a midair collision, it is almost a certainty that people are going to be hurt. what happened if alaska on sunday defied all the odds. >>shepard: david lee miller, thank you from new york city. you will remember it was last week at rangers ballpark in
3:27 pm
texas a man caught what was a give me ball from josh hamilton and fell over the rail to his death. last night there was a man trying to catch a foul ball and it was just over there. we can give you a live picture of the spot where it was and the railing is plenty high, an absolutely normal position, and as the guy reached over, beer in one hand, he almost fell over the rail. in fact, two of his friends and there is the picture, what a shot, right, had they not been there he could have gone head first, do we have a problem in stadiums across america? do we need to reassess things or do we have more cameras than we are used to having and things like this happen all the time? we will get into that in a moment. it is almost the bottom of the hour and time for the continue of the news on "studio b" live from chase field today in phoenix.
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so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids.
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we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pl w? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one ll a day. twenty-four hos. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news live today from phoenix. a game changer in afghanistan: the half brother of the country's president today assassinated in his home in kandahar, a man considered to be one of the most powerful men the war-torn nation. but, walid karzai had skeletons in the closet. accusations of drug dealing and corruption. and there is no doubt he was a thorn in the side of the u.s.
3:32 pm
military. the afghanistan corruption reportedly helped steal the insurgency. but the president could face a can't live with him can't live without him situation, because he was also reportedly a valuable ally against the taliban. now from the brockings institute, michael o'hanlon, a nonprofit public organization. michael, help us understand who this guy is and why he was important and why we wish he isn't dead? >>guest: you summed up the complexity of him. i would emphasize one more thing there was a time when the c.i.a. had him on the payroll and the military was trying to get him off the u.s. payroll to underscore the complex. we thought, some thought this is the best guy we will be able to work with, we might as well accept he is a mafia don and work with him the best we can and try to push him into a more peaceful direction. and others said, no, he is
3:33 pm
fundamentally corrupt and supporting him we are angering the afghanistan who go do the stall ban for an alternate and that happened in the u.s. government and led the big disagreement between the c.i.a. and the military. that sort of captures the contradiction in this guy and i don't want to bother to offer a verify at this moment. it is a sad day because there is so much killing in afghanistan but it does present a potential opportunity and the political economy of kandahar was dominated too much by this guy and was too corrupt. now we can nudge it in a positive direction. >>shepard: how do you begin that nudging process. >>guest: a couple of questions and one is that you try to work with afghans to say, listen, please don't elect another guy to replace him and run the council who has equally strong corruption tendencies or associations with drug dealers. let's try to find somebody who is a little bitter.
3:34 pm
and use your quiet information and maybe more with muslim countries to make that case to some of the local afghans and you look at u.s. military contracts and development contracts and try to make sure we are spreading them around better and not just concentrating them in one power broker as we have in the past. that is the beginning of what you do. but it is easier said than done. >>shepard: one of the things that, from the recent reading i have come to understand better, part of the problem with the way the system works there is, taliban has this sort of roaming judiciary that rides around from place to place and you may not like how they hand out justice but they hand it out at least and what the afghan people want in large part is some degree of stability for their families and their communities just like everybody else in the world, and, really, the taliban if their mind are the only ones would offer that. how do you combat that? >>guest: well, sort of district by district and village by village. you try to gradually build up the afghanistan government. you did not always have to go to
3:35 pm
a court to get justice. the taliban did not represent official court. you can try to have local governors, local district officials try to arbitrate at least some of the property disputes, the ones that did not rise to violent crimes and you can do more and more of that. it is working better to the west of kandahar where this is no one big power broker like walid karzai and maybe view this as an opportunity to, in a sense, empower a wider or broader number of somewhat less consequential people. no one big dominant mafia don but local leader whose can give out justice and we help them feel safe and make the providence secure l is a road map here for how to do it and it just takes time. >>shepard: brookings institution, michael oh -- o'hanlon. nice to have you. a federal judge ordering the extradition of a reality
3:36 pm
television show producer accused of killing his own wife. mexican authorities claim that former survivor producer and the cocreator of "tent my ride," strangled his wife and bumped her body naked at a resort in cancun and prosecutors say there is overwhelming evidence against this man that justified his extradition to mexico for trial. but the producers' attorney claim that mexican authorities rushed to judgment and built a case on motive rather than on physical evidence. what are the facts? back to trace in los angeles. what went down today, trace? >>trace: well, kind of works like a preliminary hearing the judge decides there is enough evidence to stand trial but in this case the federal judge took two hours weighed the evidence and decided this was probably cause for him to go back to mexico and stand trial. but, remember, the judge make as
3:37 pm
recommendation here. the final decision is up to secretary of state hillary clinton to make the case, the prosecution laid out come peopling blood evidence, and witness testimony. it's unclear as to exactly ben he would go back to mexico but once he gets there he is facing 12 to 30 years in prison. >>shepard: the producer claimed that his six-year-old, his six-year-old child can prove he is innocent. >>trace: his daughter was in the hotel room when police say that he killed his wife and the defense wanted her to testify today because she has already made statements, the six-year-old saying she never saw her mom and dad fight, she never saw her dad hit her mom and on the night in question she watched her mother walk out of that hotel room. in the end the against decided against having the six-year-old testify but the statements were admitted into the indicate as
3:38 pm
evidence. >>shepard: trace, thank you. fans were hanging out in the outfield at chase field. that is where we are for the last night home run derby having a few brews. and one fan, almost took a tumble over the raging a few hours after the funeral for another guy. what a dramatic picture, see the photographer on the right hand side of this screen, he is wearing a red shirt and pointing a camera at this, wait until you see what we will show you from that in a minute. stay tuned. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years.
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>>shepard: michelle obama and three former first ladies will attend betty ford's funeral in southern california focusing on the former first ladies twin passion: politics and the world famous betty ford center for substance and alcohol treatment. she died on friday at the age of 93. she had mapped out plans for the ceremony including who would deliver her eulogies. set for that honor is the former first lady carter, and cokie roberts, a journalist, and former first lady nancy reagan and hillary clinton, also, reportedly planning to attend. wikileaks founder back if court today fighting extradition to sweden. two women there claim that the 4-year-old australian molested
3:43 pm
them during a trip last year. his lawyer says that the skew savings of sexual misconduct do not amount to a crime arguing it was consensual. and he has had repeated disclosures through the wikileaks website have infuriated the pentagon and state department and informed all the rest of us. jury election is nearly complete for the rockets trial, roger clemens' perjury trial underway, stemming from the testimony to a house of representatives committee in 2008 where he denied he ever used performance enhancing drugs. he faces six felony counts including lying unoath and he could get up to 30 years in prison. and now molly from washington, the defense revealed parts of its strategy today. >>reporter: he suggested to potential jurors that congress had in business in the first place locking into whether roger clemens used steroids or other
3:44 pm
performance enhancing drugs. he testified under oath in front of a house of representatives committee he had not. but the trainer also told the house committee that he injected clemens with steroids sometimes after clemens had again to a pool party with admitted steroid user con sseco and clemens lawyer said "we will have a mini trial on whether roger clemens went swimming, a trial if u.s. district, congress is going do have a hearing on these things." that's our point. but the prosecution says illegal drug use or steroid use in baseball is congressional matter and they can prove he was lying to the house committee. >>shepard: opening statements tomorrow? >>reporter: possibly. jury screening is still going on and the prosecution and defense have to agree on 12 jurors and four alternates from a pool of 36. that may happen today.
3:45 pm
in which case both sides could prevent opening statements tomorrow morning. >>shepard: thank you, live from washington. we saw the individualover the fan nearly fall from the stand at chase field during the home run derby, that was won by remember by, and it happened on the day of the memorial service for another baseball fan who died after trying to catch a ball in arlington, texas. leader is a picture. see this? now, this is how, this is not as if said man was on said floor leaning over said railing with a mistake. no, no, no, man was standing on the place where your beer goes. not standing on the place where your not go. and then he fell. all right? and you are worried about the railings at chase field? shut up! man is standing on table, catching foul balls. look at this. you read this all over the internet and watch the local station, but this is what happened. you stand on a table 30' above
3:46 pm
something with a beer in one hand and try to catch a baseball, and call the news media, because you might fall! and he did. but he had do friends and they caught him. is he is alive. congratulations. otherwise, there would be a pal over this game and it would union fall because you were standing on the table barefoot with a beer in one hand and a baseball in the other. that's it. look at this, by the way, these rail education are standard height, like at the ballpark in arlington, texas, and we are in a place, this is the spot where photographers normally are, because that is home plate. we are in the middle of the outfield. so this is really low. you can see it is knee-high here but this railing is this high. and you can see that place where the beer impose. you can see on that thing. he is standing on that thing. what do you expect exactly? it is not like he is leaping over and the rail was deficient. he was standing where the beer mug goes!
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>> live at chase field in phoenix for the major league all-star game on fox. last night, the new york yankees second baseman showed what it means to be a bronx bomber. he took home the crown of the home run derby by smacking an astounding 32 dingers one more than gonzalez. it was a family affair. his dad, jose, was the pitcher so you know he got amazing and cano's father pitched a few games for the astros back in the 1980's. what do you know, robbie cano, wins the home run derby.
3:51 pm
and one of the biggest names in baseball will take the field in four hours. and, unfortunately, some of the best players are not suiting up. because of injuries or whatever excuse they came up with or because they pitched over the weekend or whatever. justin verlander, and pujols among them, and but it will still be a him of a game. we could see stellar action on the mound tonight and i think the hot host of all-star game is us with. >> and you said "some guy named adrian gonzalez," listen, folks he is a yankees man, so the guy that could be mvp this year, he is "some guy." >>shepard: they are half a game up. pitching tonight ... that lineup, you look at the al
3:52 pm
roster, i don't know how you get through that but for the pitcher who is there. >>guest: the national league has the pitching edge. the game is starting off with roy who is the 4 the pitcher to start in both the american and national league and they can throw cliff lee from philadelphia, and tim, a two time cy young award winner, and, you kow, this we have great pitching over there and the american league, they have boppers. >>shepard: and who batting in what order, and cano, batting at 8 and poppy ahead of him. how do you get through? >>guest: you are right, you menned big poppy, and gonzalez the year of his life, and curtis, a yankee, but there is no alex rodriguez, but 79 have
3:53 pm
showed up and i am an all-star game junkie and in cleveland we only got one representative a jeer because we stunk so the highlight was watching my guy tip his cap at the beginning of the game and i like that. >>shepard: they enjoyed that last night and upton is a big star. >>guest: huge, 23, a guy on the brink of being a superstar, and i love seeing that, the reaction of the hometown crowd and they get to bask if that and the arizona diamondbacks are not on a national platform often so to see that tonight is special. >>shepard: normally this is a low scoring pitchers fight and not a runaway. >>guest: we have not had a home run hit in the all-star game since 2008 at yankee stadium and i found that astounding. i was shocked. the ball, though, as we saw last night with cano hitting 32 dingers, it flies. it will go. it will go. so you will see more than one
3:54 pm
home run. it will come down to the final fewings, the national league has a stronger bullpen but it will be close, the last six games have been decided by two runs or less. >>shepard: nl won last year? >>guest: the national league will get it done, but if you ask me for mvb i like pablo, the kung fu panda, he has lost weight, and reshaped himself and his game and plays for the giants and always smiling and having fun. >>shepard: this matters because a couple of years ago they made a decision which ever league wins has home field advantage in the home series and that matters. >>guest: so if the american league wins we start at yankee stadium according to you. so i can it is next -- i can sit
3:55 pm
next to you for game one of the series. you will watch, it means something, as it approaches the 5th or 6th inning, they put their game faces on and they do understand that it counts. it counts. it will be a lot of fun. thank you for joining us out here, buddy. >>shepard: o'reilly is really mad because you are in his time spot so people have to record o'reilly. >>guest: he is a former athlete.
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3:58 pm
>>shepard: the last spacewalk of the shuttle, two astronauts are walking around outside that thing right now venturing out to deal with a broken pump from the international space station and i am told to install an experiment for a robot. the work is running a little long we're told. nasa scheduled the wrap up 45 minutes ago but, still an
3:59 pm
astounding sight to see the men and women floating around out in space repairing a pump. astronauts in the space station handling this job, and that is a live picture, because there are only four people on the shuttle, the smallest number this decades. this is the 160th spacewalk linked to the orbiting outpost and the last planned for americans for a year. "atlantis," the last shuttle to fly for nasa will return next week. a bench clearing brawl at a minor league game. we did not expect one of these tonight. but you never know. take a look this happened at a game between vancouver and spokane indians after a ground ball forced an out at second base and the ump ejected four players from the game. that's it for "studio b" today on aeautiful afternoon in the valley of the sun and back from phoenix tonight at 7:00 eastern and quite a day on wall street, big news from overseas, the ireland


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